Amy and Brittany, The Lucky Anchor Project

Amy and Brittany met at a Share of Lancaster support group meeting in April 2017. Their families became fast friends after Amy reached out to Brittany offering her support, and Brittany responded with the gift of a custom-made coffee mug that said “Asher’s Mommy” on it. That sparked the idea of their Etsy shop that would offer custom-made items acknowledging bereaved parents and their children. They officially launched this organization in July 2017 as an Etsy shop to raise money in order to make donations to support the other Lancaster-based loss organizations. Since then, the Lucky Anchor Project has grown into their own little community. They make regular book donations for bereaved parents at Women and Babies Hospital, host loss events for bereaved families, offer monthly online peer-to-peer support groups, have a podcast, and do all of this while still continuing their original mission of donating and supporting loss non-profits. Since the conception of the Lucky Anchor Project, they have made over $10,000.00 in donations to infant loss organizations nationwide. They are truly honored to be able to create keepsake items for fellow loss families as well as offer them continued support in their grief journeys.